Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way for businesses to actively contribute to solving key social issues by using their areas of knowledge, capital, and people to create solutions that have a long-term impact on the community.

We at Shourya help companies perform their CSR to make a difference! Shourya India has tied up with a tri-city based NGO called ‘I Am Still Human’ (IASH) which works primarily for the welfare of the Indian armed forces, the civil society and the distressed people during natural disasters.

Highlights of major works done by the organization are as follows:

For Indian Armed Forces:

  • Organized 13 Blood Donation Camps for and in association with the Indian Army; provided 10,000+ units to the Indian Army in the past 5 years, including emergency cases. 
  • Provided education support to the children of Martyrs; laptops/tablets/kindles have been distributed to many kids across the country. 
  • Provided Full Education support to 5 kids of Martyrs. 
  • Delivered 1 Lac handwritten letters to the serving soldiers, to motivate their morale, post-URI Attack. 
  • Organized several Bike Rallies to show unity and support for and to Indian Armed Forces. The biggest being at India Gate with more than 1000+ Riders, post-Pulwama Attack. 
  • Organized Fund Raiser Event for Indian Army Battle Causality Account in 2016 (Donated 1.25 Lacs).

For Civil Society:

  • Organized the First ever Poetry Acid Attack Survivors Fashion Show in Chandigarh. 
  • Worked on Menstrual Hygiene of women in slums around Tricity. 
  • Food For All Van – Providing Free Meals to more than 5000+ people in external areas of Tricity. 
  • Organized Legal Awareness Drive for Women in different Women Colleges of Chandigarh. 

During Natural Disaster:

  • COVID19
  1. Provided Dry Ration of 2 months to 5000+ Families. 
  2. Provided 2, 00,000+ Sanitizers and Masks to public, free of cost. 
  3. Donated 200 PPE Kits to Doctors. 
  4. Donated 79,000+ sanitary pads to women in Containment Zones, free of Cost. 
  5. Provided 20, 00,000+ Cooked Meals for Migrant Workers and Underprivileged, free of Cost. 


  • Amphan Cyclone: 
  1. Provided Dry Ration to 2000+ Families in West Bengal. 
  2. Provided 50000+ Sanitizers and Masks to public, free of cost. 
  3. Provided 2, 00,000+ Cooked Meals, free of cost. 

Assam Cyclone: Provided Dry Ration to 800+ Families.