Media and PR

The way people consume content has changed dramatically as a result of the introduction of new media. As a result, public relations and marketing practitioners have to adapt to innovative ways of reaching out to their clients.

Shourya India excels at creating marketing campaigns that push boundaries and create a deep bond with the customers, making the world talk about your company.

Media and Public Relations play a vast role in creating an image and determining how a brand is portrayed in front of an audience. To get others to tell your story is all what this is about! There are many ways to tell your story such as:

  • Advertising & Marketing (Paid)
  • Content / Social (Owned)
  • PR Media (Earned)


So are you ready for Media?

Your product is not news. We craft your story in a way that is interesting and compelling for readers. 

Media coverage can be a powerful tool, but it needs to be timed carefully and instilled with efforts. Being a team of experienced media professionals with well-researched PR strategies, our approach is to focus on quality pitches as well as quantity releases through a customized approach for your brand covering:

  • Media and blogs (local)
  • Mainstream Print / Broadcast (National)
  • Tech Press (for Investors / Funding / Talent)
  • Specialty / Trade / Business Media (for B2B Outreach)

To achieve this, we undertake the following steps:

  • Creation of Content and Media pitches
  • Sourcing of data/traction, research to support
  • Preparation of Quote / Spokespeople / Messaging 
  • Preparation of Media Kit/ Press Note
  • Dissemination of Press Notes 
  • Follow up with media houses and journalists
  • Sharing of coverage with client

What do you achieve through this?

  • Build awareness of your company and brand
  • Legitimize business and other marketing efforts
  • Create Potentially cost-effective sales funnel